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The Uncensored Zombie Tour Was Voted Best Savannah Ghost Tour and is Blue Orb's Most Popular Ghost Tour

When Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tours unveiled The Uncensored Zombie Tour (Savannah's first Adults Only Ghost Tour), it quickly became one of the most popular ghost tours in Savannah and the reason why Blue Orb was chosen Best Savannah Ghost Tour by both The Destination Guide and The 18 and older only Uncensored Zombie Tour is truly a premium adult Savannah pleasure.

The most common question people ask about this tour is: "Why is it called the zombie tour? Is it about zombies?" Classic Western representation of zombies was made popular in 1929 by a book called The Magic Island by William Seabrook. However, the concept of the undead walking among us both spiritually and physically is originally a Voodoo concept and Blue Orb was zombie, before zombie was cool because of our strong commitment to researching the Conjuring communities in the low country. Savannah, Georgia is home to many large communities comprised of hoodoo and voodoo practitioners, also known as Conjurers. This tour focuses on the Conjurers view of ghosts, spirits and the undead as well as the Colonial viewpoints. So, when Blue Orb says zombie, we are referring to the spiritually undead-ghosts. We just use the Conjurers word for it.

The Zombies Tour has over eight hours of material to offer so it’s never the same experience twice. Reservations are necessary as this tour is often booked to capacity. This is an 18 and older walking ghost tour that gives adults the opportunity to tour with other adults and was named “Best Savannah Ghost Tour” by The Destination Guide and The haunted Savannah stories on this tour are edgy, uncensored and focus on both the Colonial and Conjurers viewpoints of ghosts, spirits and the afterlife. Stops on the tour vary and are at the discretion of the guide and group.

This tour was ranked as the #1 Things to do in Savannah for Singles/Nightlife on multiple local websites. The cities open container law allows guests taking ghost tours in Savannah to “get one to go” and Blue Orb's starting location is conveniently located next to several stylish pubs. Restroom access is also available before and after the tour at Gallery Espresso, McDonough’s Pub or Parker’s Market.

The tours success is attributed to guests knowing they will always tour with other adults only, hear the material uncensored and have access to a late night option with alcohol available, minus the bar scene.


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Ghost Tour Info

Adults Only Walking Tour

Starting Time:10pm (9:45 Check In)

Duration: 2 Hours


Where Does The Zombie Tour Meet?

Our Uncensored Zombies Tour, our City of the Dead Tour, and our Modern Hauntings Tour meets in the center of Chippewa Square next to the Oglethorpe Monument. Parking is free on the street (after 5pm weekdays and all day on weekends).

Tour Tips and Info

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Walking- $30
Free on street
Restrooms and Refreshments Access:
Yes, before and after tour at Gallery Espresso, Parker's Market or McDonough's Pub
Alcohol Available:
Yes, before and after tour at Six Pence Pub or McDonough’s
Smoking Permitted:

Visit 432 Abercorn and Colonial Park Cemetery!

432 Abercorn
Colonial Park Cemetery

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