Old Candler Hospital

Old Candler Hospital

is Georgia's first hospital (first chartered in 1804) and the second oldest continuously operating hospital in the United States and one of Savannah's most haunted locations.

The hospital is home to the massive Candler Oak (16 feet in circumference) that is nearly 300 years old and often referred to as The Hanging Tree.

Old Candler Hospital is also famously known for the morgue tunnel that runs from the hospital and under Forsyth Park. The tunnel was a staging area for the bodies of the newly departed, particularly during Savannah's many Yellow Fever epidemics.

Often times the tunnel would be overrun with the diseased bodies that the fever claimed. Horse drawn carriages would pull up to the tunnel in the dead of night to quietly remove and bury the dead so as to not alert Savannah to how bad the epidemics really were.

Today, many people that take a Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tour capture eerie forms hanging from the Candler Oak and record ghostly apparitions in and around the morgue tunnel area.

Morgue Tunnel

Old Candler Hospital also housed a psychiatric ward and practiced rudimentary shock therapy and other primitive and often horrific psychiatric treatments.

Several of Blue Orb's Savannah Ghost Tours visit Old Candler Hospital. Come see for yourself why Old Candler lives up to its reputation and hear the stories collected by Blue Orb from previous employees of the hospital and from original historical research.

Please note that routes and stops are at the discretion of the guide.

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