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Let's face it, nearly all Savannah ghost tours, regardless of quality or reality, say they have the best Savannah ghost tours. Blue Orb Tours believes its much more credible when the most trusted names in travel and tourism say it for you.

In 2015 Blue Orb's Savannah Ghost Tours were named (In separate articles) one of the Top 10 Ghost Tours in the World, by Trip Advisor, one of the Top 13 Ghost Tours in the World, by the legendary travel guide Conde Nast Traveler, and one of the Top 3 Ghost Tours in The United States by the USA Today Fan Poll.

Blue Orb Tours is also recognized locally as having the Best Savannah ghost tours. Our reviews, word of mouth referrals and media reputation led to Blue Orb being named Best Savannah Ghost Tour by the respected Savannah Destination Guide.

So please don't risk wasting your well deserved vacation time sifting through dozens of rack cards and websites that make hollow claims, or worse, spending hard earned money finding out firsthand that not all Savannah ghost tours are what they say they are. We think you will agree, no other Savannah ghost tours are as highly regarded or often recommended by reputable, unbiased travel sources as Blue Orb Tours.

Below you will find more detailed information on all of our Savannah ghost tours. The Blue Orb Adults Only Ghost Tours set the bar for what a ghost tour should be, but we also offer 3 other unique Savannah ghost tours to accommodate every budget and taste!

To make booking with peace of mind even easier, ALL of our Savannah Ghost Tours have a money back guarantee! So reserve your spot securely and with confidence- online or by speaking with one of Blue Orbs ticketing agents when you dial 912-665-4258

Blue Orb's Savannah Ghost Tours

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The 'Zombie' Ghost Tour™- Uncensored, Adults Only

Time:10pm|Cost: $30 | Duration: 2 Hours | Chippewa Square | Adults 18+ Only

This is Blue Orbs original and most popular ghost tour and among the first Savannah ghost tours to cater to adults only.

This ghost tour is called "The Zombies Tour" because in addition to Colonial ghost stories, we also delve into frightening tales that come from the large Voodoo and Hoodoo communities here in the low-country. These tales of 'The Undead' include Hags, Shape Shifters and Shadow Beings.

These chilling ghost stories and spirits were brought from West Africa and are clear in their belief that shape-shifting beings haunt Savannah's nights- these 'Undead' as they are usually called, 'Zombies' if you prefer, are sure to send you off looking over your shoulder as you make the long, dark walk back to your hotel.

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Savannah Shadows Tour™ - All Ages Welcomed and Featuring Stops From Our Regional Best Selling Book

Time: 8pm | Cost: $25 | Duration: 90 Minutes | Chippewa Square |

The book was so popular we listened to your feedback and made a tour to visit spots featured in it. You don't have to just read about Savannah ghost stories any longer - you can visit where they happened! The Savannah Shadows Tour visits many of the stops that made our book, Savannah Shadows, become regarded as one of the best books on Savannah ghost stories ever written, has been featured nationally in print and media many times and stayed in the Top 3 best sellers online in multiple categories for over a year on multiple sites. (Stops change nightly at the discretion of the guide)

Hear about Harry Houdini and his Savannah seance connection, visit the playground of the Dark Eyed Children, stand under the Live Oaks in 'The Hanging Square' and venture down the stately streets that harbor dark secrets. These are truly original stories with rarely happy endings. For those that have read Savannah Shadows this tour has proven to be a rare treat in getting up close and personal with Savannah ghost stories. For those that haven't read Savannah Shadows, this will surely wet your appetite for more.

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The Tobias Tour™- with Blue Orb Founder and Author of Savannah Shadows

Time: Custom | Cost: Private Tours Only | Duration: 3-4 Hours | Start Location- Custom | Availability- October Only or Private Booking

It was impossible to name this special event tour anything else besides 'The Tobias Tour' because no two nights are the same and the stops and content are at the discretion of the guy who started this gig and he has 20 years of stories and exploring all things strange under his belt.

Tobias is the original Founder of Blue Orb Tours and is quite literally one of the most in-demand storytellers in America.

He is a southern native with a lifelong talent and love for telling ghost stories. Tobias completed his academic studies at Oxford University in the UK and is currently making a film based on his regional best selling book, Savannah Shadows featuring in depth interviews with John Berendt, author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and other Savannah icons.

With a paranormal resume too long to list here, he most recently appeared on SYFY's Haunted Highway and has been interviewed hundreds of times for his unique and entertaining storytelling abilities. He has been a guest multiple times on Coast to Coast with George Noory and Art Bell's Dark Matter. As an accomplished filmmaker, and seeker of 'all things strange', he has produced and contributed to films dealing with the UFO genre with James Fox, including I Know What I Saw and Nat Geo's Chasing UFO's.

Please Note- This is a special event tour only and is not offered on a regular basis. Call 912-665-4258 to book and customize.

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Where Do The Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tours Meet?

All Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tours meet in the center of Chippewa Square next to the Oglethorpe Monument. Parking is free on the street after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. For GPS purposes simply enter 222 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401. This is the address for The Savannah Theater (Squares do not have addresses). Chippewa Square sits prominently in front of The Savannah Theater.