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Adults Only Ghost Tours

The Zombie Tourâ„¢

Time:10pm|Cost: $30 | Duration: 2 Hours | Location: Chippewa Square | Adults 18+ Only

This is Blue Orbs original and most popular ghost tour and among the first Savannah ghost tours to cater to adults only.

This ghost tour is popular because in addition to the traditional Colonial ghost stories, this ghost tour also features chilling tales from the large Gullah-Conjuring communities here in the low country.

These stories are ancient and delivered uncensored and is why guests should be 18+ and older.

Strange stories of the 'Undead' are highlighted on this ghost tour, along with Shadow People, Dark Eyed Children, True Crime, Hags, Bone Collectors, and lost burial grounds to name a few.

One thing is for sure, these stories are sure to send you looking over your shoulder as you make the long, dark walk back to your hotel.

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