Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tours - FAQs

Do your ghost tours in Savannah go out rain or shine?
Yes. Obviously if local weather reports indicate lighting or severe weather is anticipated we will err on the side of safety. Cancellations for this reason are very rare but it is important that we have a valid email and contact number that you will have access to while in traveling in Savannah, Ga. in case we need to make you aware of any changes. If Blue Orb cancels a tour for safety reasons, refunds will be given.

Does Blue Orb offer group discounts on any of your Savannah ghost tours?
Yes, depending on the tour and time of year. Most of Blue Orb's tours fill to capacity, so offering a discounted rate doesn't always make sense financially. Being one of only a few locally owned Savannah tour companies, however, Blue Orb has wide latitude to work with you and offer a group rate if we have a available for the day you request, so please feel free to contact the ticketing office for further info or visit our homepage for any promotions Blue Orb may be running for our ghost tours in Savannah. (912-665-4258)

Are your Savannah Shadows hardcovers available for sale after the tour?
Yes, (Subject to availability) Blue Orb also offers a discounted rate and they are signed (not stamped). If Tobias is your guide he will also personalize the autograph at your request.

Does Blue Orb allow audio and video equipment on their ghost tours?
Yes, absolutely. Filming the guide however, is not permitted and dissemination of Blue Orb tour and/or tour content is prohibited and protected by copyright.

Does Blue Orb allow pets on your Savannah ghost tours?
Well behaved pets are always welcomed on our Savannah ghost tours but not on our motorized Bonaventure Cemetery Tours unless they are service animals. We do ask that common courtesy apply. Please be able to control your cuddly companion. We are animal lovers and pet owners ourselves but some guests may not be comfortable with your pet approaching them or may have allergies. If your pet begins to disrupt the tour please excuse yourself and feel free to rejoin the tour when you are able.

What is the Blue Orb cancellation policy?
All reservations must be paid or reserved with a valid credit card. Our official policy for guests who reserve and/or pay with a credit card and then do not show for their selected tour will be charged the full amount of their parties tour price. We are only allotted a certain number of spaces per city guidelines, so please keep in mind if you are a "no-show' for your tour, your credit card will be charged the full ticket price for each guest. If you cannot attend your tour a 'rain-check' will be issued and you may reschedule (Subject to availability).

What should I bring on your walking ghost tours?
At the very least bring bottled water, comfortable shoes, and an umbrella if necessary. If you are taking one of our Savannah ghost tours then you may you may want to eat light and refrain from too much alcohol before the tour. Bars in Savannah, Ga. are open late and will still be open when we are finished. Your tour guide will be happy to make recommendations of where to properly defile yourself after the tour. ***Note- What NOT to bring- Mosquitoes can be a nuisance in the summer so if you use bug spray please use one that is natural or use it well before the tour starts. Also, please be aware, high heels are not recommended.

Why don’t you stop at pubs on your Savannah ghost tours?
There are alcohol and restroom options before and after the walking ghost tours that are very convenient to where the ghost tours start and ens. Blue Orb's ghost tours are not well structured to be pub crawls. There is no filler on any Blue Orb tours. We do not typically make stops during ghost tours because the focus is on classic storytelling and creepy content. We have a wealth of information to give you and a short time to deliver it. It can take half an hour or more for everyone to get a drink on a busy weekend. Guests repeatedly say Blue Orb's walking ghost tours seem to fly by and stopping usually breaks both the mood and tone.

Some of your ghost tours are more expensive than the usual rate I see advertised for other ghost tours in Savannah. Why?
There are a few reasons. The walking tours that are priced higher are usually the ones led by company Founder, Tobias McGriff. When you tour with Tobias you are touring with the person who researched, wrote and trained everyone who gives that tour (and many of the guides in Savannah). Most of the experiences are ones he was a part of firsthand and national media features him often because of his vast knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. He is also regarded as the most in demand story teller in Savannah, Georgia and we believe there is certainly no one who will take better care of you.

Also, none of Blue Orb's tours contain useless ‘filler’. Many ghost tours in Savannah advertise that they run a certain length of time but a great portion of that is spent allowing guests to get drinks and unnecessarily extended photo-ops. Our ghost tours feature a constant story line delivered in the style of classic storytelling with a reasonable amount of time to take photos as well. Blue Orb caters to people that want to be on a more mature themed tour where we do all the work. There are admittedly quite a few tours in Savannah that are cheaper and we regularly “fix” and ‘re-tour’ people who have taken them. You will never regret paying for quality in the long run and that is what Blue Orb is known for.

Do I need my e-ticket at the time of the tour?
No. We have digital rosters that are sent to our guides prior to the tour. Just be sure to check in with the last name you booked the tour under. The e-tickets are strictly for your reference and records.

Why is the Uncensored Zombie tour called that? Is it about Zombies?
We get that question a lot and we were ‘Zombie’ before Zombie was cool. We call it that because the tour has quite a bit of content from the Hoodoo and Voodoo aspect of spirits and hauntings that are contrasted with the Colonial view. Hoodoo practitioners believe in both a spiritual and physical Undead- 'Zombie' if you prefer. It is really the Uncensored GHOST tour, we are just using the Hoodoo word for it.

Are taxis available after the tour? Is it safe to walk back to my hotel that late?
Taxis are available and we will be happy to call one for you. We finish the tour next to a street that is usually very well-traveled and will lead you straight to River and Bay Street. Whether to walk or take a taxi back to your hotel is ultimately your decision and we will help you with either option you choose.

Have a question not answered here? Please call 912-665-4258 and an agent will be happy to assist you.



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