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are plentiful and many of them deal with Savannah hauntings. In 2012 Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tours Founder Tobias McGriff changed how those books were written with the regional best seller Savannah Shadows..

Best Selling Book About Savannah

Savannah Shadows stayed in the top 3 best selling books for parapsychology and the Georgia Travel section of Amazon for five months after it was released. The books popularity was due to the fact that it contained deliciously creepy stories about haunted houses in Savannah and little known facts about live burial and yellow fever epidemics and because it was the first book about Savannah to look at both the Colonial and the Conjurers viewpoints about life, the afterlife, hauntings and spirits.

Best Savannah Ghost Stories

Savannah Shadows is full of creepy tales with names like And Then She Melted and The Hag. The book received critical acclaim and was said to have "The best haunted stories of 2012" and was described as being "As raucous and uncensored as Blue Orb's ghost tours- a frightening and sometimes hilarious account of haunted Savannah." The book was featured on hundreds of radio programs including Coast to Coast with George Noory and Dark Matter with Art Bell.

Topics of the book include- The Hag, Shadow People, Savannah Haunted Houses, traditional Savannah ghost stories, live burial, Yellow Fever epidemics, Conjuring, Hoodoo, Voodoo, The Olde Pink House, The 17Hundred90 Inn, Room 204 (aka Anna's Room), 432 Abercorn, Moon River Brewery, The Mercer- Williams House, Colonial Park Cemetery and too much to exhaustively list here.

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